A Tale Of Two Websites

When launching a website, it is important to remember why you are going through the effort and expense. Usually, it is to improve sales. Unless all your new potential customers are already familiar with your company name, it is useful if they can find you by searching for what you sell, not just by your company name.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that assists search engines in recognizing which sites are most relevant to certain keywords than others and therefore should be ranked higher.  Combining high-quality design and content with strategic posting on other sites and backlinks, SEO  teams can boost a site’s rankings in search engine result pages.

Landau Consulting, a New Jersey company offering SEO internet marketing services, creates an online presence for small businesses by building modern, mobile-friendly websites with relevant content and then implements campaigns using a customized SEO online marketing strategy for each small business.

How do sites with SEO compare to sites that exist on their own, without any adjunct promotional or marketing activities?  Google determines the relevance of a website to certain keywords based not only on the site contents (what it says about itself) but also on the external links to that site (what other sites say about the site). Using a secret and proprietary calculus, Google decides which sites are on page 1 or page 2 and which are not even in the top 10 pages.

Landau Consulting offers this infographic that illustrates the difference in website performance in terms of gaining customers and increasing sales if it employs effective SEO online marketing techniques over simply launching a website alone. A technology partner that provides consulting in internet marketing and SEO services can help your business achieve similar results.  Why should your site live on Google’s page 10 when it can appear on page 1?

A Tale of Two Websites Infographic

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