Aviation Training Trends In Times Of Covid

Aviation is not new to technological advancements, and even though there have been restrictions placed because of COVID, aviation has evolved to fit the new stance. Many people wonder if there’s a future for aviation and offline or online pilot training through this crisis. However, there have been new training trends in aviation recently to fit the new changes, and instead of waiting till the next time, the standard methods are accessible again. Below are some of the aviation training trends during these COVID times.

Training Are Now Shifting to Flight Simulators

Due to the increasing cost of buying, operating, and maintaining flight simulators, many airlines are now choosing to train their personnel away from the main base. Due to the travel restrictions placed to contain the spread of the coronavirus, many pilots-in-training cannot travel to train anymore. A shift towards flight simulators for training aviation students is beginning to take place. Airline companies are also beginning to realize the cost consequence of flying their crews around the world. Airlines are also beginning to understand that it is also not a great option for the environment.

Online Pilot Training is Now Popular

The stay-at-home order placed because of the COVID-19 has revealed to many people that many things can now take place online. Rather than classroom training or the use of simulators, pilots are now being shifted online. This factor is because of the flexibility it affords students and the technological advancements in online pilot training. Virtual learning is not a training trend that seems to be going away any time soon; it is a vital part of aviation training in the future. Remote training is taking over aviation globally. Although most airline companies only began to explore this option in the industry as a last resort, it is an ultimate solution that allows aviation to explore technological advancements and capabilities.

Evolution of The Compliance-Based Training and Testing

Once placed globally on the testing and training process, the restrictions, regulations, and regulators are no longer possible with the COVID situations. Due to this, a more flexible method to assess the pilot’s competency is beginning to open up. This update is a welcome change, and the stringent restriction was believed to be stifling a better training method. This way, the new acceptable method will find its way into the global regulations to fit these COVID times. Hopefully, these changes will also extend into a more accessible and technological way of obtaining certifications.


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