Best Tips For Organizing Wardrobe For Small Condo Area

Seeing an organized wardrobe is the dream of many of us, but the process of organizing is the most tiring and stressful. No matter if you have clothes piled up in your wardrobe, but you will never find the piece when the day comes, and you so badly want to wear it. That’s why it is so important to organize your closet (จัด ระเบียบ ตู้ เสื้อผ้า, which is a term in Thai) with the following tips. 

Declutter Based On The Category: 

The easiest way for decluttering depends on the type of clothing. When everything is piled up neatly with similar clothes, it will be easier to get rid of everything that you are not sure that if you will wear or not in the future. 

Empty And Clean Every Corner: 

Cleaning your wardrobe is essential to keep your clothes safe and makes it more appealing and organized. And an empty closet can give you so many ideas that you can do with your stuff and organizer for your lingerie, jeans, tops, dresses, and everything.

Picture The Ideas Of Your Closet Space: 

You can find tons of ideas over Pinterest to see the similar structure of your wardrobe organization that can help you to decide how you are going to organize these. 

If you’re creative, then you do not even need to go for ideas you can think of it on your own and how you can make it more appealing and organized in your way that will make it easy for you to search everything. See the benefits of each compartment, and you can store all the unnecessary or seasonal wears on the upper shelves that are hard to reach. 

Hang The Ones That Are Delicate Or Fancy: 

If you’ve enough space in your closet to hang everything, then you can go for it with the color coordination scheme, or you can store the delicate and fancy clothes like your blazers, sequin dresses, skirts, and others. 

Stack Up The Denim And Sweaters And Roll T-Shirts: 

There are easy hacks available to fold the sweaters and jeans the right way that they do not take much space in the closet. And stacking up jeans and blazer will not lose their original shape and get crimped. 

The rolled T-shirt gives you more space, and searching for them becomes easy. You can keep it in bins or baskets.

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