Comparing the Honda Accord vs Honda Fit

Honda Motors is known for its well-built cars at a reasonable cost. They are known for producing cars in various categories to suit different needs and most come in different trims, so they are more affordable.

The two popular categories at the moment are mid-sized cars and hatchbacks. Both are great options for families as they have decent space inside and are reliable. Let’s compare Honda Accord – a mid-sized sedan and Honda Fit – a hatchback and see which one is better suited across assorted elements.


The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the Accord is $28,070. While the MSRP for the Fit is $19,060. The Accord is a lot more expensive than the Fit, even though it is a sedan car and the Fit is a hatchback.

For these reasons, Honda Fit wins the Price Round.


Seeing as we are comparing different types of car, let’s see which one is truly bigger than the other. It is important to also see if the difference in the size relates to more legroom space or generous trunk space.

The Accord length is roughly 192 inches, width is 73 inches and height is 57 inches. The Fit’s length is roughly 161 inches, width is 67 inches and height is 60 inches. Even though the Fit is a hatchback, it is smaller in size, except for the height, than compared to the Accord by several inches. However, when comparing the legroom for the front and back passenger the difference is only of one inch. The Accord’s front legroom is roughly 42 inches and the Fit’s is 41 inches. While the Accord’s rear legroom is 40 inches and the Fit’s is 39 inches. So, even though the exterior dimensions show a larger difference, according to the interior measurements, you are not winning on a lot of legroom. The same can be said regarding the cargo space. The Accord’s trunk space is only one inch more than the Fit’s.

For these reasons, this round is a draw.

Safety Features

Honda Motors, as a company, ensures all of the vehicles it produces surpass the average industry safety features. This can be seen by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Crash Test Results for both the Accord and the Fit. The NHTSA is part of the US government’s Department of Transportation. All vehicles need to pass the NHTSA’s tests to be able to drive on the highway, the higher the score, the safer the car. Most tests are vigorous and brutal in order to see if the car will survive and keep its passengers safe.

Both the Accord and the Fit were tested on the Front Crash Overall including, Front Crash Driver and Front Crash Passenger. They were also tested on Side Crash Overall, Side Barrier Driver, Side Barrier Passenger and Side Pole Driver, to name a few. Out of the seven tests conducted, both the Accord and the Fit received five stars for each category.

For these reasons, this round is a draw.

Bonus Features

Some features are just fun to have in the car. They make the ride more relaxing and in case of bumper to bumper traffic, it makes it enjoyable.

Both the Fit and the Accord have Bluetooth and the cruise control option. In certain trims of the Accord, navigation feature and parking assistance, along with ventilated seats are present. These not available in any of the Fit trims. While keyless ignition and adaptive cruise control – the ability of the car to increase and decrease speed automatically to maintain distance from the vehicle in front while on cruise control, are to be expected in all trims of the Accord but are only available in the upper trims of the Fit.

For these reasons, Honda Accord wins this round.


Both the cars did well when it came to safety and the dimensions. Fit won the price category and Accord won the bonus feature category; therefore, the overall competition is a draw. To break the tie, take the Fit and the Accord test drive to see which one is more comfortable to drive around in and then make the decision.

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