Here’s why you need an employment discrimination lawyer

The number of workplace discrimination cases reported in Texas is higher than many other states, and this is quite alarming and unfortunate to say the least. There are also many employees, who don’t pursue such cases because they fear this will impact their career, or because they can be labeled as the ‘troublemaker’. However, if you have faced discrimination at the workplace, no matter whether it is related to your race, gender, pregnancy, or any other factor, you should consider asking for justice. An experienced and board-certified Austin employment discrimination lawyer can help you understand many aspects. Here’s more on why you need a lawyer. 

Know if you have a case

Just because you feel that your employer has treated you unfairly doesn’t mean you have a workplace discrimination case. Your case or situation must be covered in one of the categories of discrimination, and to understand that better, you have to talk to your lawyer. For instance, if you know that you are pregnant and your employer fires you without knowing that, you cannot term that as discrimination because of pregnancy. In some cases, specific definitions must be met. Your lawyer can help you understand if your discrimination case or lawsuit will hold in the first place. 

For evidence and investigation

Employers are aware of employment laws, and they know that discriminating against an employee will have consequences. In other words, they are not foolish to leave evidence in sight. However, a good lawyer knows how to gather facts and build a case, and their expertise and experience can be incredibly useful in establishing facts of your discrimination case. The eventual motive is to establish that your employer had a discriminatory motive behind his/her actions. 

For a genuine feedback

Besides explaining your rights and offering an empathetic view of your case, your lawyer will also give a realistic idea of the compensation you may get from your discrimination lawsuit. Remember that there are court costs, lawyer fees and other expenses, and eventually, you would want the compensation to be worth the fight. Your lawyer can share the strengths and weaknesses of your case and help you understand what may or may not work in your favor. 

Eventually, you need to be sure that the discrimination case will help you get the justice you deserve, which should include every expense that you may have incurred to fight the case besides a fair compensation. 

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