How To Do Well In Preparation For A Marathon

To not waste months of training and dedication because of a vacillation, we show you what to consider when registering for a test.


Your conditioning and your goals define the size of the scolding. But be realistic; if you have never run more than 10 ′, it is unreasonable to face a half marathon in a month. The evolution time depends a lot on the organism and the breath of each one, but in general, it takes at least four weeks of training for those who have never run to participate in a 5K race and approximately eight for those who want to do the 10K. The ideal is to start the half marathon only after having completed a 10K race before. Marathon usually takes months.


Consider the distance chosen and the preparation time needed to choose the day of the race. Since registration is usually done a few weeks in advance, plan to be free that weekend. If you have a wedding the night before, for example, it is worth considering other dates.


Check the best way to get to the start first. With hundreds of people arriving at the same place simultaneously, traffic often complicates, as does parking. Consider taxi, ride, bike, subway and leave home in advance. If the race is not in your city, it is essential to arrive the day before to have time to rest. In the case of tests abroad, try to arrive at least two days before to get used to the spindle.


Most of the tests take place very early to avoid the heat. But some tests are carried out a little later, sometimes due to television broadcasting. That is why it is essential to keep an eye on, especially in longer races, not to end the race with the sun in hand. It is also possible to participate in nightly tests, which have already become quite popular. Anyway, try to train at the same time as the race to get used to it.


Fundamental, although it is often ignored. Check the racecourse and check if you have uphill or downhill to avoid surprises (and panic) on the day. See if it has shade if it passes through stretches of land or cobblestone if it has many curves. And, if possible, pass by car or on foot on the spot to know where you will run during the race.

Appropriate Clothes

When planning to do a marathon, you should not forget to consider what to wear because that could hinder us when running. Wear what best suits the weather.

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