Keeping Energy Costs Low While Keeping Cool

There are many ways considered energy-efficient that you can keep cool. However, if you’ve tried all other methods, then you’re well aware that an evaporative cooler is an excellent way to save electricity costs low while keeping cool. This cooling method is eco-friendly and offers pristine air quality. For a very long time, the evaporative cooling vs air conditioning debate went on. However, evaporative coolers have always been a cheaper option because it creates cold air without using much energy. Air conditioning units are usually noisy, uses refrigerants not considered eco-friendly, and typically use lots of electricity. Below are some ways evaporative coolers are the best options when keeping energy costs low while keeping cool.

Good Air Quality

Evaporative coolers usually make use of a cooling pad and a large fan. It takes in fresh outside air and cools it by about 20 degrees. This result is achieved when the water passes through the damp cooling pads and is then blown into the house. This aspect is where air conditioners compare less favorably in the evaporative cooling vs air conditioning debate. It recycles air inside the house when reducing humidity and, therefore, offers a lesser air quality.

Low Power Requirement

Evaporative coolers require little power to operate. This feature means that you can plug the air cooler into a 120-volt wall outlet and work efficiently. There’s no need for special wiring. Compared to air conditioners on the evaporative cooling vs air conditioning unit, evaporative coolers are a better option. One reason is that air conditioners utilize a high amperage power unit; this is why the energy bills are racked up when using an air conditioning unit. It’s not just the air conditioning unit, you can also receive higher energy bills if you are not careful while choosing an energy provider for your home. Providers like Express Energy offer a variety of low-cost, simple electricity plans in Texas, including traditional energy plans and renewable energy plans that help reduce carbon emissions.

Allows Opening of Window

If you’re using a portable evaporative cooler, you can place it by the window. Evaporative coolers make use of outside air to keep you cool. That’s why it uses minimum energy to keep you warm. If you’re using a larger evaporative cooler unit, you will need some ducting, or you can place it on the window, wall, or roof. The evaporative cooler is simply redirecting air from outside to inside your home. It requires an open window, allowing you to enjoy the breeze.

Easy to Distribute the Cool Air

Unlike air conditioning units that need to be placed in every room, evaporative coolers allow you to steer the cool air to as many rooms as you want. If you choose to use a portable evaporative cooler, you can carry it to whichever room you will be. You don’t have to install one in every room and have them running at the same time. An evaporative cooling unit will save you funds in terms of purchase and energy consumption.

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