Learn Your Path Through the Affiliate Marketing

Get used to using your statistics dashboards as referrals: traffic sent, conversions, commissions, etc.

Affiliate with infoproducts from other bloggers

One of the most profitable ways to make money from your blog is to promote other bloggers’ digital products or services.

The advantages of this type of affiliate marketing are several:

The commissions are usually much higher than in the other forms of affiliation. Sometimes they reach 50% which, of course, is not bad at all. 20% or 30% are very common commissions in the blogger world, at least what I know.

  • On the other hand, you are promoting info-products, courses, etc. of bloggers, generally known and with a good reputation, who also offer high-quality services.
  • The products or services offered are within the theme in which you move. You can be niche products like, for example, flight or hotel reservations if you have a travel blog.
  • But they can also be general services that interest everyone who has a blog: Hostings, seo course to position your blog, courses to learn how to monetize your blog, etc.

What you need to keep in mind to do good affiliate marketing

It makes no sense to start promoting products thinking that the more affiliate links you put, the more options you will have to buy from you.

Having a blog is a committed relationship with your readers. You have to take care of many details and be consistent with the theme of the web. In the digital world, trust and credibility are two of the most important points.

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Offer products related to your niche

Those promotions have to be very directly related to the theme of your blog. Users who read you do so because they are interested in your topic, so offering services related to it will increase your chances of success.

Promote what really adds a lot of value

Don’t be dazzled by the high commissions that certain products and services can offer. Put yourself in the shoes of your users and think:

  • Is this really going to add a lot of value to them?
  • How can you improve your activity through it?
  • What benefits are they going to get from what I promote?

If you honestly think you are going to help your community, promote it.

Promote what you have tried and know well

The best way to be successful with affiliate marketing is to get a good review. A review is the explanation of a product or service that you know well. You have tested them in depth or, better, you use it daily which means that it brings you a lot of value and that you know it well.


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