Road Construction Safety Services that Every Contractor Should Know About

Road construction projects – whether big or small – are high risk projects in terms of workers safety and the safety of people on road. So, it is actually the responsibility of the contractors to adopt all possible safety measures. Keeping many such concerns in mind, traffic safety management companies like the Capital Traffic safety company offer many services that you must consider as a contractor. Some such services that are of utmost importance are given below. Have a look! 

  1. Traffic Control and Management Services

The presence of an experienced road safety personnel on the construction site is a big relief. This person is supposed to manually divert the oncoming traffic – using flashing lights and flagging devices – towards the lanes that are open for vehicle movement. This manual management increases the safety and productivity of construction workers since:

  • Workers do not need to keep an eye on the oncoming traffic again and again since site managers are already taking care of it. As a result, they can easily focus on the work at hand without any distractions. 
  • Traffic management professionals at Capital Traffic are highly experienced in handling super busy roads as well. 
  1. Delineators and Road Barriers for Lane closure

Barricading using different delineators is one of the most successful practices to isolate the construction lane. Some of the most common devices that are used for barricading include the following. 

  • Traffic cones 
  • Illuminated high visibility panels 
  • Tubular markers 
  • Guard Rails
  • Road studs
  • Speed bumps
  • Automatic boom barriers 
  • Road bollards 

These are some of the most popular options. You can, however, contact Capital Traffic for more information on the other types of isolation barriers that they offer. 

  1. Sign Boards for Traffic Diversion

High visibility sign boards are yet another option to divert the traffic towards the functional lane. Some of the most popular sign boards that people can easily associate with lane closure include the following. 

  • Restricted Area – Authorized Employees only 
  • Under Construction 
  • Caution – Work in Progress 
  • Men at Work
  1. Site Maintenance Services

Project managers at Capital Traffic work in close tandem with construction workers to make sure that the entire perimeter remains sealed at all times. These people regularly visit the construction site and survey the sign boards and barriers and their placement so that drivers can detect the barricading from a distance. It reduces the susceptibility of accidents. 

So, if you’re a construction company, it’s a good idea to take the help of professionals for the safety of your own assets.

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