The Health Benefits Of Red Potatoes Are Greater Than You Might Think

sweet potato on the white background Stock Photo by sommai | PhotoDune

Potatoes are vegetables, and they are consumed worldwide, year long. Many people love potatoes because they are relatively cheap, are delicious when properly prepared, and are rich in nutrients. Potatoes have lost their popularity lately as low carb food began to grow in popularity; there are, however, varieties of potatoes you can choose from like red potatoes, and each has its health benefits.

Red potatoes are easily underrated, but it possesses more health benefits than most people think; its nutritional values are beneficial to human health even when cooked. Below are some of the health benefits of red potatoes; let’s take a look.

Strengthen Bone Health

Red potatoes contain iron, magnesium, zinc that can build up the strength of your bones as well as sustain the bone structure. Ron and zinc are important in creating and building up collagen, but they are nutrients.

Regulates Blood Pressure

While a decrease in sodium consumption is significant to regulate your blood pressure, increasing the level of potassium consumed can also help in sustaining healthy blood pressure. Red potatoes contain potassium, which promotes the widening of your blood vessel and will therefore help to naturally regulate blood pressure.

Protects Heart Health

Red potatoes contain fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and several other vitamins that protect the health of the heart. It is also free of cholesterol, and this, in addition to the high level of fiber present in red potatoes, can reduce the chances of a heart disease.

Reduces Inflammation

A myth around potatoes generally states that it triggers arthritis flares because it is grown in the shade. This is far from the truth, as research has shown that red potatoes can decrease the chances of arthritis syndrome. Red potatoes contain choline, which is important in improving muscle movement, memory, mood, and early brain development, amongst others.

Effectively Manages Weight

Dietary fibers are present in red potatoes and can help manage your weight or assist in weight loss. When consumed, red potatoes reduce appetite and leave you feeling full for long, so you don’t have to consume more food.

Prevents Skin Damage

Red potatoes provide collagen, which is important to the protection of the skin. Vitamin C is also a vital antioxidant found in red potatoes that protects the skin from pollution, wrinkles, and the sun. It can also enhance the texture of your skin and smoothen wrinkles on the skin.

Protects Against Cancer Risks

Folate helps to protect against cancer because it promotes the repair and synthesis of the DNA; it is present in potatoes and will prevent any chance of cancer risks in your body. The fiber also found in potatoes lowers the risk of cancer, and the vitamins act as antioxidants against cell damage.


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