The Perfect Solutions with Youtube Marketing

Did you know that you can edit YouTube video thumbnails at any time? It’s super interesting to know because it improves the click-through rate on your video! But you still have to know how to do it correctly and especially automatically. We explain here how to do it superfast. Read this post about fake reviews.

How Do You Know What Works Best On Youtube?

To get more clicks on your videos on YouTube, you need to do some testing to understand what works best. You have to understand what catches the eye the most and what makes you want to click on your YouTube thumbnail the most. To do this, we will use what we call A / B Tests. To put it simply, we are going to make 2 variations of our thumbnail and we will change them from time to time to see which of the two thumbnails most encourages clicking. Of course, if we do it by hand we constantly modify the image, it will take us a long time! That’s why we need an application that does it automatically for us!

How To Easily Perform Ab Tests On Youtube?

To create AB tests on YouTube, we are going to need an application. It is an application that allows you to do a lot of things to Boost Your YouTube Channel but what will interest us here is its functionality which allows you to perform AB Tests automatically on YouTube! To start, you will have to install Tubebuddy by going to this link.

How to create YouTube ab test 

Then you will choose the video on which you want to do your test. To do this, you can either choose from the last uploaded videos or type the name of your video to select it.

Test multiple thumbnails on youtube

The next step is to define a test period. We can leave the default value.

Increase youtube video views

Finally, the last step is to choose the variant that you want to test then click on START TEST to start the test.

Gain youtube views

And finally, this is how the end results will be displayed.

Tips for Doing Your Ab Tests Properly

When doing AB testing, the ultimate goal is of course to find the variant that works best! But the most important thing is to understand what causes one variation to have more clicks than the other. So when you do tests, don’t change your whole image.

Create your affiliate system yourself

The main advantage of your own solution is that you can build it exactly according to your ideas. You also have more control over the choice of partners and their motivation. The disadvantage, of course, is that it will be expensive, very expensive. It looks easier than it really is. And you pay for both the development of the system itself and its later maintenance and development. Another disadvantage is that you have to take care of the affiliate program yourself.

Take advantage of some affiliate network services

The affiliate program is taken care of by the commission network itself. She can also reach out to new partners and bring them to you. The annoying thing is that it takes a share of the payments you make to your partners. It is usually 10-20%. This either reduces your margin or makes you less attractive to your partners. This is a problem especially in more competitive segments.


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