Thefts and Legal Options: What Comes First

Opportunity makes thieves. This is especially true for bicycles. Often enough it is said afterwards: we just wanted to briefly. We give tips on how to drive out thieves’ interest in your bike as much as possible.


What can be done against bicycle theft? Well, you could let the wheel rust, paint it unsightly or “decorate” it with half-scraped stickers. But first of all, a trained eye can still recognize the veiled quality, and you want to feast on the sight of your beautiful bike. Second, many casual thieves are not interested in optics at all. You quickly need a mobile stand, which you then dispose of as soon as possible. Anyone who comes from cities knows this problem.

Bicycle Theft Cannot Be Prevented 100%

One thing, none of our tips will completely prevent theft. Some external procurers have enough interest, criminal energy, tools and time to pick even the safest lock in the best place. We can still make it as difficult and unattractive as possible for these people to appropriate our bikes. The Merriam Municipal Court lawyer presents you the right direction in these cases.

Individual Factors

Not every bike needs to be secured equally well. How much defensive energy you generate depends on various, individual factors: If you only park your bike for a short time, you need less massive equipment than long-term or overnight parking. An expensive, new bike is more protected than a cheap or old one. This is a favorite piece other than a simple utility bike. And some places are safer than others.

Individual points only take effect when the bike has unfortunately already been stolen and make it difficult to resell. But this is not always an obstacle. That is why deterrence and prevention are probably the most important measures. The central rules for all situations are therefore “always” and “connect”. 

Commuting by bike: the real alternative to the car

Always Connect

If you secure your bike properly, you always connect it to a fixed object. That prevents easy carrying away. The frame lock that is often present can be combined with a loop cable and thus also connect the bike. The locks should generally be attached as high up on the bike as possible and sit tightly so as not to offer any leverage. A group of cyclists can also combine several bikes with different locks.

Place Where It Is Clearly Visible

Park your bike in a bright, easily visible and busy place. This is especially true for long-term parkers. Dark corners only invite those who are interested.

No Routine

If you park your bike regularly, you will change the place where you park it more often. This makes it more difficult for potential thieves to (re-) find an object that has been viewed.

Classified Information

At least one solid lock should be used to lock the wheel. A purchase price of around 10 percent of the bike price is generally recommended for sufficient quality. A second lock also increases security. It is best to combine two different lock and key types. Because thieves have mostly specialized in one type of lock. An additional loop cable ideally secures the two wheels.


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