Things To Know About Donburi

If you are in Bangkok and want to taste the delightful dish here, then you must check the Donburi (ดง บุ ริ, which is the term in Thai). Cooked with all the exotic ingredients of the place, this is one of the famous dishes here in Bangkok. But you shouldn’t mistake it by the origin. The dish is not originated in Bangkok or Thailand. Rather, it has started its existence in Japan. Later, as Thai people are more prompt in giving specialized touch to the dishes and make them more exciting for the people, the dish started getting popular with its transformed version. 

How Donburi Is Made?

Donburi is a bowl full of Japanese rice. It is customized with Aurora Salmon, Nori Seaweed, Japanese Cucumber, Crab stick, white sesame, Octopus (Saku Tuna), etc. 

With all these ingredients, the rice is boiled. Once it gets done, the seasoning part starts. It is seasoned with Shoyu and Wasabi. These are the most important ingredients in Donburi as their stronger flavor adds more taste and deliciousness to the food. 

Some of the restaurants in Bangkok also put special spices to make the dish tastier. These spices don’t add color to the dish, but the awesome flavor makes the dish more preferable by all the local people as well as the visitors here in the city. 

How To Order Donburi? 

Well, if you want to taste this amazing, yet healthy dish in Bangkok, you don’t need to roam here and there. As the city is too large to search for the restaurant that can specially make it for you and the number of restaurants are not too less, to make you feel more special, you are facilitated with online order. Yes, you can order the food right from your vicinity from the famous restaurants and have the dish with all the excitement. Although in almost every restaurant in Bangkok, you will get the dish served, you can see the ratings and reviews given by the customers to get an overview of the reliability. Moreover, you may get the option to check the specialty of making Donburi by the restaurant you are opting for. The food hardly charges up to ฿ 189.00 which is not at all difficult for the people to order. 

If you won’t check the dish by being in Bangkok, then you will certainly miss the most delicious dish of the city. Without any late, order now!

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