Three Reasons Parking Lot Accidents Occur

Collisions don’t just happen on highways but also in parking lots. Although many people think that parking lot accidents are just minor fender benders, they can lead to serious injuries and even permanent disabilities. Small children, pedestrians, and the elderly are particularly susceptible to serious injuries in a car accident that happens in a parking lot. If you have been injured by a negligent driver in a parking lot, you have the right to get compensation for your losses. Such losses can include medical bills, expected future medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more. But you must understand that the insurance company of the other driver will try to pay as little as possible. Indeed, they may try to deny responsibilities for your accident. That is why you must hire a Cedar Rapids car accident lawyer to protect your right to compensation. The following are reasons parking lot accidents often happen:

Parking Lot Chaos

In parking lots, cars tend to move in different directions, pulling in and out of parking spaces. Because of this, it can be hard to know where a driver is going. A lot of drivers don’t pay attention and some don’t signal their turns. With this chaos, it can be hard for drivers to avoid colliding with another vehicle, pedestrians, lane dividers, and other parking lot obstacles. 

Distracted Driving Behaviors

Drivers can be distracted by navigation systems, social media, texts, and emails while behind the wheel at a parking lot. Also, they can be distracted by food, drinks, children, or pets in the car. These distracted driving behaviors can result in serious accidents. Attorneys usually determine negligence by investigating if the driver was distracted while inside the car. A negligent driver is legally at fault for causing an accident and must compensate their victims for their losses they have suffered.  

Poor Parking Lot Design

A lot of parking lots, especially in underground or covered parking garages, don’t have proper lighting. They have tight turns and parking spots that not visible from every angle. Because of these, drivers will find it hard to see all activity and avoid collisions. When driving in this parking lot, drivers should slow down so they will have more time to react to obstacles and avoid collisions. 

Since parking lots are hectic and confusing, both drivers usually bear some fault for a parking lot accident. Bicyclists and pedestrians can also be at fault if they are not in designated bike lanes or crosswalks or dart out from between vehicles unexpectedly. 

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