Treatment of Patients with Panic Disorder

Antidepressant medications sound like they’re only made to deal with clinical depression, but the medications are progressively being prescribed to deal with signs and symptoms of panic disorder and other anxiousness problems.

If you have a panic attack, you might be recommended several medicines, perhaps including an MAOI, to minimize anxiety, panic attack, as well as other panic-related symptoms.

Reason for Food Restrictions

If you are suggested an MAOI for clinical depression, anxiety, or one more condition, your medical professional will likely talk with you regarding your diet. You won’t be able to have some food and beverages while you are taking an MAOI because there is a possibility for significant communication.

Tyramine is a substance that affects your blood pressure. It’s controlled as well as damaged down by the MAO enzyme. MAOIs limit the MAO enzyme to minimize signs and symptoms of depression as well as anxiousness. Nevertheless, if the MAO enzyme is inhibited, tyramine can get to alarmingly high degrees in your body. Raised tyramine can trigger your capillary to slim, possibly resulting in critical hypertension.

You will need to prevent foods high in tyramine while you are taking an MAOI. You will likewise require to continue to avoid them for 2 to 4 weeks after you quit taking an MAOI.

Foods to Stay Clear of with MAOIs

Tyramine is discovered in certain foods, beverages, as well as various other compounds. Protein-rich foods, for instance, usually have high quantities of tyramine. Foods that are aged, such as cheese, are likewise high in tyramine due to the fact that the material of the substance in a food or beverage increases as they age.

High Tyramine Foods and Beverages

  • MEAT: Beef liver, fermented sausages or pepperoni, poultry liver, as well as salami) bacon, corned beef, hotdogs, and lunch meat. Bouillon brew or cubes made with meat extracts. Soy-based meat options.
  • FISH: Eggs, dried out or pickled herring, healed fish, and anything that contains shrimp paste.
  • MILK: Mature, aged, or tough cheeses, like aged cheddar, Parmesan, Swiss, Camembert, blue cheese.
  • PRODUCE Overripe fruits, avocados, dried fruit, banana peels but not bananas themselves, Italian environment-friendly beans, fava beans, snow peas, edamame, as well as canned figs.
  • ALCOHOL: Certain fermented beverages consisting of Chianti as well as merlots, sherry as well as vermouth. Beer that contains yeast, specifically home-brewed or tap beer.
  • YEASTS: Homemade sourdough bread, yeast bread. Any kind of food made with focused yeast products or maker’s yeast like miso, fermented tofu, teriyaki, or bean curd, as well as soy sauce.
  • FERMENTED OR PICKLED PRODUCTS: Kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, kefir, tempeh, tofu, kombucha.
  • TREATS: Coffee, maybe OK in limited amount, yogurt, soy-based gelato, or milk choices, Vegemite/Marmite.

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