What to Know When Importing Goods from the United States to Canada

Price comparison between a product from Canada and one from the United States may offer a way to reduce costs. With the North American free trade agreement being part of the equation, North-American products don’t have duties. but, importing from the United States still comes with risks. For instance, products that are completely made in North America may have duties and taxes. Also, some manufacturers only have U. S-only warranties that are avoided when a product is in another country. Read on to know more about importing from the United States to Canada:

Cross-Border Importing

If you are importing goods, you must know how you will get them into Canada first. If you choose to bring the goods yourself, you must declare them when you cross the border, wait for Customs to release them, find out how much duties and taxes you should pay, and pay the duties and taxes in the allotted time. But, there are different kinds of Canadian customs legislation that govern the import and export of goods into the country. Some of these legislations are not accessible and easy to understand. That is why you may want to consider Clearit car importing services to know if any special licences, certificates, or other requirements apply to your specific products before you import them. It is often recommended to use a customs broker. This lets you focus on more significant issues such as growing your customer base or dealing with internal issues within your organisation. 

What You Should Know About Importing Fees

Although you will have to pay fixed duties and taxes, the cost of brokerage fees can vary. A lot of factors come into play to determine this fee including the value of your goods, the amount of duties and taxes, the volume of the goods, and the amount of transactions. To get a good estimate of the cost, contact a licenced Canadian customs broker or the Canada Border Service Agency. Moreover, you must remember that goods from the United States may be eligible for NAFTA and be entitled to a free or reduced rate of duty. 

Importing Cars into Canada

If you want to import a car into Canada, keep in mind that not all cars are allowed in the country. Thus, you must find out if your car qualifies. Also, you must consider whether the car meets the Canadian automobile standards like having the speedometer in kilometres. Otherwise, you will be given a temporary permit that offers you 45 days to bring your vehicle up to code. And if your car is not manufactured in the United States or Mexico, it will face duty fees that can be quite high. 

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