Best Carbon Offset Partner Program That Is Making A Change


With time, the emission of toxic gases from everyday human activity has taken a toll on climate. One of the ways to remove carbon footprints and minimize the release of greenhouse gases

(GHGs) is to invest in a carbon offset partner program.


What is carbon offsetting?


Carbon offset means to neutralize the negative effect of our activities that have released carbon dioxide and other GHGs into the atmosphere with a positive impact on green energy projects anywhere in the world. The prime focus is to take into account the individual responsibility for emitting a little less carbon. If unavoidable, we need to take the initiative to balance out the negative effect of our carbon footprint with a green energy project. 

Recently a rise is witnessed in individuals and corporations actively taking the lead in projects that promote carbon offsetting. The primary source to offset carbon and GHGs emission is through monetary investments. This financial investment is further utilized to drive green energy projects that can significantly change climate control over time. 


How does it work?

Carbon is emitted during various activities that we perform in our everyday life. For companies, emission and its control are even a bigger deal. The emission is contributed from 5 significant sources in the US- transportation, electricity, industries, commercial & residential, and agriculture. These sources are mentioned in increasing order of their contribution with Transportation being the largest. Let’s consider travel to see how the carbon offset partner program works. 

  1. With every trip, carbon is emitted into the atmosphere.

  2. People invest in partner programs to offset the carbon. These programs provide monetary support to various green energy projects.

  3. The projects, in return, reduce the GHGs and carbon in the atmosphere.

  4. As an add-on, projects also help with forest restoration and boost biodiversity.


Carbon Offset Partner Program Worth Investing

Native Energy

It is one of the leaders in the field. It was established in 2000 and had multiple programs that are third-party verified and transparent to its customers. Some of its projects are- Clean Water, Nature-Based, On-farm, Regenerative AG, etc.


It is one of the best partner programs for businesses. Its most known projects are carbon reduction projects and carbon removal projects. 3degrees expertises in decarbonizing company operations. Some of its projects are- Agriculture combustion, Wind Power, Solar Power, and many more.

Sustainable Travel International

As the name suggests, Sustainable Travel International is dedicatedly working in the travel industry to reduce carbon emission as much as possible. Some of its projects are- Wind Farm, Water filters, Forests, etc.


Myclimate has active participation in a multitude of environmental programs. This is evident from the projects it runs: Biogas, Biomass, Hydropower, Solar waste management, etc.



While opting for the right carbon offset partner program, a thorough validation of the program should be done. Various options also provide monthly contribution plans to compensate for the carbon imbalance. Different programs may appeal to other people. Nonetheless, taking ownership and acting upon it is primary.

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