FAQs about hiring Fort Wayne car accident lawyer

Car accidents are unfortunate and can be life-altering for those injured. If you ever get injured in an accident and believe that someone was negligent behind the wheels, you should consider talking to an attorney. Indiana, like other states, has a statute of limitations, which must be adhered to, and an experienced Fort Wayne car accident lawyer can guide you further on the process. In this post, we are answering some of the basic questions about hiring a personal injury lawyer. 

  1. ‘Do I have a personal injury claim in the first place? Do I need a lawyer?’

Whether or not you should pursue a personal injury claim depends on many factors. However, in any situation, consulting a lawyer is among the best things you can do. An experienced lawyer can assess your circumstances better and give you a fair idea of what to expect in compensation. 

  1. ‘When is it important to hire a car accident lawyer?’

There are some situations, when hiring a car accident lawyer is a wise idea. Call a lawyer right away, if

  • Your insurance claim is denied
  • You have suffered life-changing injuries
  • You have lost your capacity to earn because of the accident
  • You have part fault in the accident
  • The fault is not clear

It often takes considerable work to determine fault, and it makes sense to work with an attorney who is experienced and can do some initial investigation on your behalf. 

  1. ‘Is it expensive to hire a lawyer? What factors matter the most?’

If you are working with a car accident lawyer for the first time in Indiana, experience and expertise should matter more than anything else. Find a lawyer, who has experience of negotiations and can also handle all necessary aspects of filing a lawsuit to represent you in the courtroom. As for the cost of hiring a lawyer, it depends on the arrangement. Most attorneys in Indiana work on a contingency basis for car accident lawsuits, which means that they get paid if they win a settlement for their client. The amount is usually a percentage of the settlement. 

Accidents caused by someone can impact yours and your family’s life forever. While the compensation cannot cover the losses and suffering, it can put them in a better financial position to handle the consequences and aftermath of the accident. Talk to an experienced car accident lawyer right away to know more! 

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