Great Packaging Solutions in CBD You Can Discover Now

Transport CBD tincture boxes packaging is, for example, cardboard boxes, trays and foils. In addition to an additional protective function, they have the task of ensuring the integrity of the products during the entire logistics process: from internal logistics, during the production process, through order picking, to transport by truck, train or plane. The subject of every packaging optimization is the analysis of existing packaging materials, packaging processes and packaging technology with regard to economic efficiency and sustainability.

Packaging optimization in the field of transport packaging identifies potential for improvement in the following areas, among others:

  • Stability of the packaging unit,
  • Stability of the loading unit,
  • Efficiency of the material,

Recyclability of the Transport Packaging

The aim of cbd packaging boxes packaging optimization is to determine the most suitable product and transport packaging for protecting goods, which causes the lowest packaging costs over the entire process.

How Does Packaging Optimization Work?

Optimization requires the recording of the actual situation in the company. Only then can a target, an optimum, be defined. First, all relevant parameters and processes are analyzed and the unused potential is determined. If the previous practice of securing pallets using stretch film is to be put to the test, the following aspect is the subject of an actual analysis:

Packaging Advice Using the Example of Film as Transport Packaging

Good Custom CBD packaging advice and optimization convinces with a broad knowledge of the topics of packaging material, packaging technology and packaging processes. It is characterized by excellent analytical skills, technical know-how and laboratory technology that use scientific, standardized procedures to check the forces that the customer-specific loading unit is exposed to during the entire logistics process.

Product Specifications:

  • Sensitivity of the packaged goods
  • Compressive strength of the product packaging

Risk assessment:

  • Packing scheme and dimensions of the goods on the pallet
  • Weight of the palletized goods
  • Risk of slipping during transport
  • Transport damage that has occurred so far


  • Necessary specifications of the film,
  • Previously used film quality and thickness
  • Current foil consumption
  • Printing of the film for advertising purposes

Packing process:

  • By hand
  • Semi-automatic
  • Fully automatic
  • Existing packaging machines

Planned investments:

  • New packaging
  • Conversion of packaging processes
  • Investments in technology and machines

Protection and Safety

Holistic packaging advice does not focus solely on the effectiveness of the transport packaging. Rather, the entire packaging is checked and the packaging process is analyzed. Only when both are optimally coordinated can the best possible result, i.e. optimal protection and the greatest possible safety during transport, be achieved.

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