What Options You Have Legally After the Car Accident Case

It often happen that car driver’s fall victim to a one-sided accident. A moment of inattention, slipperiness or muddy roads can cause accidents. In addition to damage to the car, physical damage can also occur. This begs the question: who is responsible for the costs in a one-sided accident. Experts advises you on the legal aspects of this issue.

Various accidents

One-sided accidents often occur because the driver loses control of his vehicle. He gets off the road and hits an obstacle with his car. Or he ends up in the water with his car. After such tragedy he can turn to the Auto accident Tacoma Washington lawyer for a wise consultation.

Causes unilateral traffic accident

A one-sided traffic accident can have various causes:

  • Hard rainfall
  • Mud roads
  • Slippery roads through ice or snow
  • Blinded by the low sun
  • Liability question

Who is responsible for the damage in a unilateral accident? The loss depends on the seriousness of an accident. Sometimes there is minor damage to the car. In other situations, a victim is seriously injured. Then hospital costs arise, for example. The Seattle car accident lawyer analyzes these details and come up with the solutions there.

You’re insurance

Whether a victim is reimbursed for the costs in the event of a unilateral accident depends on the insurance that has been taken out. We distinguish these types of insurance:

The WA Insurance:

The WA insurance covers the damage someone causes to others with his car. When someone is ‘all risk’ insured, he will also receive compensation for damage to his own car. But when there is personal injury, this is not compensated to the driver, but to the passengers.

Accident insurance for passengers:

The Occupant Accident Insurance pays out a pre-agreed amount if a car occupant becomes permanently disabled or dies as a victim of an accident. It does not matter who is to blame for the accident. When there is permanent injury, the fixed amount that is paid out with accident insurance is often insufficient to cover the full damage. The Personal injury attorney Spokane offers great solutions in these cases.

Passenger insurance

The Passenger Damage Insurance reimburses the actual damage that an occupant in your car has suffered as a result of an accident, including the driver. It does not look at who is responsible for the accident. This concerns material damage, personal injury and “consequential damage” for example modifying the house.

Supplement to third party insurance

In short, this means that the indemnity insurance for occupants is the most complete addition to liability insurance. This can be of great importance for the claim for damage in a unilateral accident. A sure answer to the liability question is not important.

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