Easy tips for hiring a car accident attorney in Colorado Springs

If you were injured in an unfortunate car accident, one of the first things is to determine if the other party was reckless or negligent. In Colorado, if you want to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party, you must do that within three years from the date of accident, as per the statute of limitations. For property damage lawsuits, the deadline is limited to two years. However, it is never advisable to wait for that long. As long as you feel better and are in your senses, you should call an experienced and skilled Colorado Springs car accident lawyer. Here are five easy tips for finding one. 

Expertise counts

Not all personal injury attorneys specialize in car accident claims, so you need to hire one with experience. You can ask questions like – 

  1. ‘How long have you been a car accident lawyer?’
  2. ‘What do you expect from my case?’
  3. ‘How much can I realistically expect in settlement? 
  4. ‘Have you handled cases similar to mine?’
  5. ‘Can you share a few references?’

A car accident attorney with experience will never shy away from discussing their cases and settlements, and they will offer the information you need. 

Fee and expenses

Most car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis in Colorado. This simply means that you will pay the attorney, only if they get a settlement for you. The amount you pay is usually a percentage of your compensation amount, depending on the agreed terms. However, for a personal injury lawsuit, there can be other expenses, such as court costs, so you need to ask questions related to that, as well. 

Experience of trial

Not all car accident claims are settled through negotiations, even though that’s something that most lawyers try for. However, if the matter must go to trial, you need a lawyer with some level of courtroom confidence. They must know what it takes to be aggressive in the court and get the compensation you deserve. You can ask the lawyer about their lawsuits that have gone to trial. 

Reviews matter

When it comes to car accident lawyers, you have to check for reviews. Ensure that the reviews are fair, independent, and unbiased. If the lawyer has shared a few references, contact a few and ask them about their experience of hiring the law firm. 

The first appointment with a car accident lawyer in Colorado is usually free of charge and obligation. 

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