Car accident claims in Colorado: Quick things to know!

Auto accidents happen every now and then. If you were involved in such an accident and have suffered serious injuries, you should consider contacting a law firm at the earliest. An experienced Pueblo car accident lawyer can change the course of your claim. In this post, we are sharing some of the quick things that are worth knowing about car accident laws in Colorado. 

  1. Statute of limitations. As in any state, Colorado also has a statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits. You have a deadline of three years to file your personal injury lawsuit against the other party. For property damage lawsuits, the time limit is two years. Just because you have three years doesn’t mean you should wait for that long. For gathering evidence and taking witness statements, you have to act as soon as possible. Note that these deadlines don’t apply for insurance claims. That should be done within a reasonable time. 
  2. Part fault rule. Colorado follows the comparative fault rule in case of car accidents, and this has been the norm since 2003. This means that if you have part role in the accident, this may impact your compensation amount. 
  3. Establishing liability. One of the key aspects in car accidents is to establish liability. Just because you believe that the other party is at fault, it doesn’t mean that your personal injury lawsuit will hold. Allow an experienced personal injury attorney to evaluate the true value of your claim and the actual worth of your lawsuit.
  4. Recovering your losses. The compensation you get for your car accident case is determined by your losses. For instance, you may be out of work, pending medical bills, and other losses, for which the compensation should be enough. Make sure that you work with a personal injury attorney, who has the necessary experience and can guide you on what your claim is worth. 
  5. Going to trial. Most car accident claims in Colorado are settled outside of court, but sometimes, negotiations with the insurance company may not go through. Consider hiring an attorney who has courtroom confidence, so that all possible situations are handled accordingly. 

If you have no idea of how car accident claims are filed, or dealing with insurance companies, hire an attorney as soon as you can. They can work on your behalf and handle all the complicated paperwork that’s typically involved in such cases. 


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